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You don't have to worry about your videos suddenly being removed because you didn't follow some vague community guideline.

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Cocoscope allows you to host both public videos and videos available only to your paying subscribers, with no restrictions.

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You can accept tips, monthly subscriptions from fans, or allow the purchase of individual videos.

Cocoscope Original Series

Cocoscope is proud to produce original content in collaboration with its creators.

Featured Original Series

Will It Fit The Christmas Show: Season 1 EPISODE 1 RELEASED

Coming this December! Cocoscope presents the Holiday Show that will most definitely put your name Santa's very Naughty List. An Original Series featuring Piper and Charlotte. Adopt Piper's Channel as an early Holiday gift to yourself and start enjoying what Santa's been hiding from your all those years!

Some of Cocoscope's Creators

You will never be deplatformed or demonetized

Unlike other platforms, we will never remove your ability to earn a living because of your political opinions, type of content or for not respecting vague community guidelines.

Want to make original content?

If you're a creator or have a super-special idea for a series, feel free to contact us at!

Featured Original Series


In this upcoming Cocoscope Original Series, watch robotic cameramen going into slums, tent cities and underground market to share the unique stories of the most disadvantaged.

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