Easily give tips and rewards for creators you like!

What are CocoCoins?

CocoCoins allow you to pay and get paid for ads on Cocoscope, and also give you the opportunity to support within one click the Creators you enjoy watching on Cocoscope! At any given time, you can convert your CocoCoin earnings into real money and cash them when you reach the minimum monthly threshold.

Click the "Give CocoCoins" button under any video on Cocoscope to buy CocoCoins.

It's easy, you choose how much money you would like to convert into CocoCoins. Different bundles are made available for you ranging from 500 to 10,000 CocoCoins. Once you possess CocoCoins, you can easily leave them for Creators. These ones will be notified of your nice gesture in their Revenue Dashboard.

Be the like Hop o' My Thumb, leave a joyful CocoCoins trail being you for Creators!

Creators Get Paid

CocoCoins get are turned into real money for creators you reward.

Pay for Ads!

Any CocoCoins you get can be used to advertise yourself or your brand on Cocoscope!

Give small tips to any video!

You can give small amounts to creators, spreading the love on Cocoscope with no hassle!

Support livestreams!

CocoCoins are excellent for giving instant rewards to creators during livestreams.

Buy CocoCoins

To buy your first CocoCoins, please login or create an account!

500 CocoCoins

2000 CocoCoins
5% off

5000 CocoCoins
10% off

10000 CocoCoins
12% off