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One Woman, Many Talents...and a lot of Faith!
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I'm Jordan, a woman who is a differently timed egg walking to the beat of a really different drummer. The drummer in question is the same drummer who helped Joshua with that wall in Jericho, and His Son is the one who guides my steps. My life is nothing opulent, by any means. I currently care for my elderly parents and work as their caregiver. I also design and create jewelry, graphic art, music, cover songs, write broadcast copy, and fictional short stories. Money is always tight, but I trust in God, so no worries! I am documenting life as I know it, which includes my beloved pets...or as I call them, my furry & feathered children. I suffer from a couple major medical conditions, battle clinical depression, and also ADHD. I am definitely not a woman who is "normal." Normal is boring. Embracing your uniqueness is the key to keeping your sanity. :)