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I am currently Beta Testing a great not-nearly-as-well-known-as-they-should-be band called The Currys

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Hello, CocoScope, how are you? I am new to this site, an emigrant from the distant land known as YouTube. I am not entirely sure what I want to do with this channel of mine yet, but through experimentation I believe there will emerge something resembling a point. While the overall purpose is taking time to solidify, there are goals I want to achieve. Whether I do achieve these goals or fail to do so will determine my decision to move into the next phase of broadcasting. I mostly want to get folks listening to The Currys, a delightfully awesome musical family trio comprised of two brothers (Tommy and Jimmy) and their cousin Galen. I believe they are the best thing happening in contemporary music. It has been my privilege to have known Jimmy before his creative explosion began (and to have known him to be an upstanding person in and out of show business) and to have gotten on with the other two fellas some time after the formation of the band. There's so much to love about these guys that you simply must stop reading and start listening to understand what I'm trying to say. Any of the many Currys videos offered on my channel will give you an idea of the magic spell woven by these enchanted tune makers. Though, unfortunately for you, this is only a paltry sense of what we who attend their live performances experience. In uploading so much of their material to CocoScop, I am running a sort of beta test to gauge the reaction people here have to these premade videos culled from many sources from the past several years.These friends of mine are not paying me to promote them. They sanctioned me to do so, however, not thinking that I would actually embark on any large scale project such as I have. I am keeping this project a secret from the band because, if they fail to gain traction, I want to spare them from having their time wasted. If, however, they do gain a CocoScope following, as I deeply suspect will happen, I will be attempting to draft them over here to create a CocoScope channel of their own with regularly updated, original Coco content. CocoScope's brilliant "adopters" system, which right now is primarily being used by a bevy of very pretty ladies to provide erotic entertainment to the men who adore them, could be adapted for use by The Currys. They financed their last studio album, the majestic This Side of the Glass, through crowd funding. Some people gave money without seeking compensation. But, for those who wanted it, The Currys offered a host of compensation options to their contributors. One of which was having ANY song the contributor chose (with absolutely no restrictions, saving that they'd like for it to be in English, but there was even an exception made to that) covered by The Currys and made into a video. I have included some of the choicest examples of this on my channel. I believe the guys could make a lucrative side gig out of offering this service to the adopters they would be sure to have here on CocoScope. It is not my place to guide their career (or anyone's career other than my own) but I am a friend to these guys and someone whose advise they would at least consider. My decision to get them in on this, and their decision to try it out after my having done so, are dependent upon you the viewers. If you like what you see and hear from The Currys, then pretty please with extra sugar (a bowl of cherries and whipped cream on top) write them some compliments on the video pages and click those hearts! Well, this description has gone on far longer than it should have. If you made it this far you deserve a batch of homemade cookies and a tall, refreshing glass of milk. These are things the internet cannot give you. For further information about The Currys, to purchase any or all of their three studio albums in physical or digital format, read the lyrics to every song, or to book them for your venue, please visit