Cinque Terre


My wife of course. You may know us from twitter or tumblr (famous for her awesome nipples 😜). We are real, hot, every day working couple. We may have rubbed shoulders with you if you are in London. I love to show off her incredible body.
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Videos and pictures of her pure, natural, feminine sexiness. Every inch of her sensual curves. The more admirers the better. The more dirty thoughts, the better. Not a pro, so by no means perfect cinematography (not a phone person so videos are pretty spontaneous and with no filter). You know when you pick up the phone in rush when you are about to catch a moment 😜. We have great jobs and this is just fun. She specially loves hot (not disrespectful comments) and I enjoy also. This is for guys who appreciate her beauty, love to show off their beauties and are happy to talk about it. Do give me ideas and we can try and put that in a movie (depends). Also after a few times, we are doing private videos (for you only) obviously no face but tell us what do you want to see and we will see if we can make it come true at a cost 🤷🏽‍♂️. (We are really enjoying her being a porn star). Gives me a challenge to make one with our style and your fantasy put together. Have fun with us 😉 #wife #London #sexy #sensual #realcouple #Londoners #hot #lit #nipples #body #hotwife #swingers #lifestyle #sexywife #hotbody #beachbody #ass #tits #bum #natural #nofilter