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Ladyboy interviews in Bangkok and Pattaya
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Hi guys Many of you have seen my ladyboy channel on YouTube with 50 videos , but these are Original non YouTube uncensored videos , not online elsewhere of course I am still offering option of line ID of ladyboys (150) to chat to any Ladyboy you see on my videos to all adopters and requests and Shout outs of any ladyboy you see or know of in Bangkok or Pattaya saying Hi to you on private video sent to you privately , please ask me about it and any comments or questions also please write me and YouTube videos will appear here weeks before YouTube as a Thank you to my adopters 😀 Some of the videos on spy cam say 2014 , but its 2020 ! Camera is small and I can't change it Please read my welcome email , it's more then videos here and Special Requests taken , video coming about that 😀 If you want to donate to my PayPal I will send video links and complete requests or shout outs or lines or what you want from PayPal I promise :) discount price My email :)