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Gaming video on games like Nimbatus, TerraTech, Zero-K and something else sometimes.
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welcome to my channel I upload entertaining content every Wednesday and Sunday I upload videos on strategy games like Zero-K. I also upload building survival games like Nimbatus and TerraTech. I play a good amount of games which are in development as well, a lot of the time they are really interesting and even have a free demo/download. I make these videos because I always liked watching other gaming youtubers and I thought " I can do that too. In the meantime, I can even practice my English." of course that's not all, but it is a big reason. I also like to entertain people in my videos even though you can't really tell yet, but practice makes perfect so let's practise and make mistakes, it will only take longer to improve the older you grow! So subscribe if you want to, I can't force you to. But if you like the videos I upload, it may be a good idea. The running series are: Zero-K Nimbatus TerraTech One which always changes or isn't there.