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In our quest to give you the best quality videos possible, We have setup a Cocoscope account. There are more exciting content I have in store for everyone. More interviews with international artists and musicians; so far these content are funded by my own pocket and we want to think bigger for you and we can't do this alone without your support. We thank you in advance if you decide to sponsor and support this channel by sharing the link in the description but most especially when you support us through Cocoscope. Gears will always be a priority at AMX and as we grow together, we can showcase and highlight the gear and passion of music we all like. We are open to suggestions of what gear we should focus on. We're even free to focus on each and everyone's own personal gear, we will not just focus on named artists. Just drop a suggestion here and we can share ideas. That is why we are called All Music X'cess. Everyone is a part of this. Please feel free to click on the link and support us on Cocoscope thank you. #cocoscope #mycocoscope #allmusicxcess