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Susie Spades

Actress | Adult Entertainer | Author | Fetish Model | News Anchor | Photographer | Psychologist | Radio Host | Television Host | Videographer
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My name is Susie Spades; I am an actress, author, fetish model, film producer, photographer, pruriently concupiscent entertainer, videographer and television host, presently working in both Alabama and Georgia. I thoroughly enjoy helping people capture those 'special' moments in their life that typically only come around once in a rare while. Whether it be photographs of your children (both human and animal), full family portraits, maternity portraits, graduation portraits, corporate and commercial projects, or intimate boudoir sessions to capture that sensual beauty within for yourself, or as a gift to your significant other, I take great care and pride in each and every session someone books with me so that they achieve their overall desired results. I also spend a lot of time on the opposite end of the camera as well. Having been an avid actress since I was in grade school doing various stage plays and film/television productions over the years, I have always enjoyed bringing a character to life on stage or in film. I have also worked as a fetish model in the alternative lifestyle realm for many years, as well as appeared in several professional video productions for the adult entertainment industry specializing exclusively in the interracial genre. I am an avid reader of all types of books, as well as a copious writer, and have several published works in the field of erotica.