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Aviation, Arts, Jewelry Making,Fluid Art Painting,Deer Whisperer ,Musician,
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Welcome to my Channel My goal is to reach 100 bucks on this channel. As is that's the requirement to get paid from CS . Someone donated 5 bucks back when CS was first created, to me for a video for someone on this channel. After CS takes their cut, I'm left with 3.75, which I'll never see, without your help. Continue to like , and subscribe, and if if can fit in your budget to adopt, that would be great. I've been with Piper and this project from the beginning, and love the platform for what it stands for. She is amazing. I consider her a friend, as well as all the creators on here. Even tho I don't have hot girls painting/flying/making rings , yet; please show me some love for what I post. It will get better as soon as I get my GF to show her tits ! Hahahahaha As an experiment........., I am temporarily making all videos "Adopter Only" Please help me reach my goal of getting my first check from CS., and creating great content. Thanks for watching ! Please visit my art for sale here :