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Hi there, I started this channel so that I can track my progress in developing my skills in this genre, particularly in the use of video editing software, camera equipment and associated gadgetry which, as being a bit of a geek, I have always been fond of capturing the now for the future past! I have had no formal training and I'm completely self-taught. I currently use a Canon G7X Mark II camera and Final Cut Pro X editing suite running on an Apple Mac Pro 15" Retina. I started using the camera and software around the middle of December 2016. ​ I shall measure my performance based on the statistics YouTube report to me now that I'm partnering with them, along with the lovely comments I receive on each video there and here at Cocoscope. In just 3 weeks I was pleasantly surprised to have received over 10,000 views on my videos and 116 Subscribers who I cannot thank enough for their support. And now with nearing 4,500+, well, I'm shocked! ​ Thanks for stopping by! ​ Much love Thai Tastic ps My friends just call me TT