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HI & WELCOME TO THE FACEBOX TV SHOW My name is Ambrogio King Canadian/Italian Artist/Musician/Photographer and Video content creator. i created this show back in 2014 in Europe to highlight exclusively the positive aspects of an events happening anyware, with out any language barriers. creating a new style of Journalist which i call Artistic Journalism, the main purpose is to Show that there are still Positive people and facts in this world instead of the ordinary media, news and Television which is based on negative news critics, Politics and War between humans. I try to give my tribute to a peaceful world. Facebox TV is an independent Production and not for any commercial Purpose. to be able to continue producing FaceBox TV i will need your help by adopting my channel on Cocoscope i will be very thankful to you all, also if you like my project you are welcome to contact me and be part of Facebox TV in your region.

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