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Some 420 comedy, video games, snack idea and so much more... Come check us out !!!!
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Foggy Brains is your one-stop for lots of everything. We have 420 comedy, 420 snack ideas or just good snack ideas in general. And watching us stoned ( for we are in some of the skits) is fun & I'm a Canadian so It is LEGAL here now woot woot!!!. ... I may also do live gaming streams of games I play regularly. And all from the mind of a future filmmaker and his friends. We are always growing and changing so tune in and buckle up for a fun silly and nutty ride. Facebook page. Twitter at: Instagram: Youtube: Please Like and Subscribe to my Cocoscope channel and help me to become a filmmaker for it's my dream then to be able to create goofy 420 silliness fulltime just for you all and say with my crew. This just in. We have now added to Myspace. Yes, the newest place Myspace. lol

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