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Stumptown Blue

A photographic celebration of the amazing girls I encounter in my travels!
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Stumptown Blue presents an active photographer's view of the amazing girls* I meet. My videos and photos are sometimes tasteful and glamorous, sometimes unapologetically trashy and VERY dirty. But everyone who ends up in front of my cameras is always treated with respect, a little whimsy, and a whole lotta love. Please hit "Subscribe" to let me know you're enjoying my work. Like all artists, I crave validation. LOL! I'm a prolific workaholic digital nomad / photographer / film-maker currently based in Portland, OR USA, but early next year I'll be traveling the world seeking adventures to capture with my cameras. It's going to be a crazy ride, and I'll bring you right along with me! I love creating cool stuff to share with you - and everything you see here is my original work. If you adopt my channel you'll be supporting my efforts to make more and better videos and photo sets for you to enjoy. It's what I do, and I'm incredibly grateful to those of you whose support makes my life possible. In addition to the 200+ videos and photo sets available to adopters here on Cocoscope, adopters at the "CocoChat" $25/month level or higher also get login credentials and full access to everything on my online magazine site, where you can view exclusive galleries featuring thousands and thousands of high resolution images and videos created over the last 15 years by Stumptown Blue (that's me!) And of course, you'll get full access to all the new videos and photo sets I create every month. You can see free uncensored trailers and previews at You can see the 50 most recent postings to the website by clicking I love Piper Blush and what she is doing for us all with Cocoscope - I hope you'll join me on my new Cocoscope journey too. And if you are a fellow content creater considering setting up a Cocoscope channel, I encourage you to do so -- and waste no time. This is a great place to showcase your work, and if my own experience is any indication, you are going to love it here! *All participants were 18+ at time of production and freely signed a consent/release form. Are you kidding? I'm way too pretty to go to jail!