Why Cocoscope?

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Your Adopters are charged right away

Instead of waiting until the end of the month, Cocoscope Adopters are charged right away so you know exactly how much money your channel has earned so far, and there's no chance of them withdrawing their support but still getting access to all your content.

Publish Public and Exclusive Videos

Cocoscope allows you upload videos for both public viewers and your Adopters (paid subscribers to your channel).

Tons of monetization options

Cocoscope gives you a ton of ways to monetize your content, from memberships (called Adoptions), to tips, to individual video sales, to Cococoin tips during livestreams, and soon, ads!

Full Table

Platform Cocoscope YouTube Patreon
Monetization Time Frame Instant 1,000 subs + 4,000 hours watchtime required 24 to 48 hours
Monetization Options Adoption, Tip, Pay Per View, CocoCoins Sponsors, Ads Tiers
Monthly Recurring Memberships Adoption Sponsor Pledge
Subscription Price $2.95 or more, you choose Fixed $5 USD per month $1 or more - Up to 5 tiers
Sell Individual Videos $2.95 minimum Pledge per video $1+
Accept Tips
Ads Soon
Video Hosting
Public videos
Private Videos Streaming for Members - Download only
Live stream
Clear content rules
Nudity and Mature Themes Monetisable - hidden from search
Snapchat Patreon Lens App
Pay Day Monthly Monthly Monthly
Fee 25% 45% ads, 30% membership 5 to 12% + 2.9% + 30ยข per transaction
Earnings Instant and Accurate Earnings Available Estimate Only Pledge can be cancelled at any time, so never sure of your real earnings

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