Cocoscope Ads

Promote Yourself

How does it work?

Each time a user views a video, an ad is randomly selected from the pool of active ads. The more dharma points you spend per day on the day, the more chance your ad has of being selected. This means the more you spend, the more your ad gets seen - but even if you have a small budget, people will still get to see it!

When you enter a daily budget, you get an estimate of the number of people who will get to see your ad in one day, based on the current pool of ads and the average number of video viewers on the site.

How to earn Dharma points

This is a list of how you can earn dharma points. Trade your dharma points for ads to promote your channel across Cocoscope. More exposure means more adoptions.

Heart a Video

The owner of the video gets 20 dharma points, and you get 2 dharma points. It pays to show your appreciation to the Creators on Cocoscope!

Upvote a Comment

Or as we say on Cocoscope: Like a Compliment! The person who wrote the compliment gets 10 dharma points, and you get 1 dharma point. Interact with Creators and Viewers compliments!

Accept Dharma Ads

Every time an ad is included below one of your videos, you get 1 dharma point. Helping your fellow Creators is good for you too!

Don't link to your Patreon

If you have a link to or an external website with equivalent monetisation in your video description, you'll lose 1000 dharma points. Bring back your dharma points by erasing all the links to or an equivalent website in your videos.

Tip a Channel

The Tipper gets 25 dharma points. Look for the green Tip this Channel button on a Creator's Channel.

Adopt a Channel

The Adopter gets 50 dharma points. By adopting a Channel, you support the Creator you have Adopted in creating more of the content you enjoy watching.

All of your viewers are possible Adopters! They are only one-click away from Adopting your Channel. Don't risk losing any more Adopters by letting them leave your Channel. Write a phrase like: "Adopt My Channel now for more exclusive content"!