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Leon Lambert is on the House under Piper´s Kind Roof, here on Cocoscope, enjoy guys!
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Independent director, "do it yourself" actor, entrepreneur, merchant and producer. Just a guy who create what he wishes already there. I read all comments and try to reply immediately. I see and check all likes I have. Daily and many times in different times of the day. Weekends, holidays, doesn´t matter, I´m trying to be here, all the time. All videos I put here is my own work. I do my shootings, most of the times my camera work (many times there are more camera people for sure, too) and all the things you see, majority of the times even the clothes, lingerie, accessories, even the books, gaming stuff, phones etc whatever you see / shown in the scenes I buy / shop all or already mine used for and or in the scene.. If you see a modified short shorts, I cut it that short with my bare hands. If you see a mini flirty skirt, I bought it and also modified for that girl / scene. You see a fancy necklace, highly probably that I bought, too. Anything and everything in the scenes, I go, come, buy, organize, show / present, manually, most of the times, alone, by myself. I try to arrange the ambients, locations, all details, too, one by one with all. Moreover, I do my own post production, all you watch is my cut, mix, presentation directly from me, director´s own cut. I work by day and night and on the weekends and holidays. I do also graphic works and whatever you see, I license music, software, graphic elements, sounds, whatever I try to use. Not needed to say but all technical (including gadgets and what is used) and legal needs and dee´s also paid fully by me, including the staff and outer help in any kind. I know I´m rare and I´m aware of what I´m doing. A hard, intensive and unique thing we have here. You will like my work and I believe would appreciate more or less what I try to create if you go deeper with me. I´m here to become a legend and I´m humble but I know, I´m already gone far on this one. If you´re an adopter of my channel, you are supporting a person, a real creator, directly while he´s working for you and try to share his vision and dream with you, already. Do it, if you´re not an adopter of my channel, already and if you´re able to do it. It will worth beyond what I can tell and describe here and return to you in many different ways. Thank you. You wouldn´t want to miss a Leon Lambert Party.. wouldn´t you? Subscribe [Also Adoptable for Longer and Private 🎁 Videos]: 🤙 ------- A few of other Valuable Channels* to check, I follow, find interesting and like also try to support as I love what they do on Cocoscope are: -------- 💖 Do you like Sun Kissed Babes on the Beaches? Damien´s (MyWW) Incredible Candid Style Video Channel, one of the biggest and most loved with more than what you could see in the thumbnails - MUST SEE 🎯 SOCIAL MEDIA CELEBS: