Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie - Ep. 34 pt.2 - 02/24/2019 - The Brazen Bacillus known as "BIS"


Published on February 24th, 2019
PART 2 (patron exclusive) BIS = Bank for International Settlements Have a seat, get that coffee brewing or pop open that languishing bottle of Scotch, and join us for our two-hour exposé of the BIS. HOW and WHY did it bankroll Adolf Hitler and the German war effort when its first three presidents were AMERICANS, and it was founded by ROTHSCHILD'S BANKER and a FREEMASON? Related articles/websites: Per Jacobsson: Sean Hross on the Swizis/Swizism: Nazi Gold: The Untold Story: Sink the Lusitania: S.S. Athenia – the first ship torpedoed in World War II: BIS: Weronika Kuzniar (V. K. Clark): My Gleiwitz Incident article on CODOH: My HTT article on IH: On Cocoscope: On Minds: On CODOH:

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