The Currys At Home Cover of Bread's


Published on August 23rd, 2019
An at home recording of the classic Bread song, "Guitar Man." This was done as part of the crowd funding campaign which payed the production costs of their last album. Among other rewards for contributors was the option of having any song the contributor wanted covered by The Currys and made into an online video. They truly would have taken on any song of any genre from any era, the only possible stipulation being that lyrics must be in English, and I'm not entirely sure of that. While this may sound like a long time staple of their repertoire, they in fact learned and adapted this previously unknown to them song in short order. I believe they could make a side gig out of doing this semi regularly on CocoScope for the adopters they would be sure to have. I am an authorized promoter of the band but I have not yet told them that I've been floating their material here on CocoScope. If you like this idea and, most importantly, would be willing to pay them for this service, please say so in the comments. My decision on whether or not to even tell them about this place depends on the reaction that these videos get. As always, thank you to all who listen. And an even bigger thanks to those who click the heart and write a compliment. For further information about The Currys, to purchase any or all of their three studio albums in physical or digital format, or to book them for your venue, please visit

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