Warp Computer Overview - a custom rack mounted PC


PowerBasic for Beginners
Published on July 11th, 2020
This video covers the creation of a custom low powered rack mounted Windows computer. Parts for this computer were sourced from the companies below. (I am neither paid by nor work for any of these companies) Power supplies - https://hdplex.com/hdplex-200w-dc-atx-power-supply-16v-24v-wide-range-voltage-input.html Chassis Frame (Makerbeam) -https://www.technobotsonline.com/makerbeam.html Power switches and Plastidip - https://www.kustompcs.co.uk/ MSata parts - https://www.cclonline.com/search/?q=msata Motherboard - no longer available but similar board from - https://www.cclonline.com Power cables - https://www.watercoolinguk.co.uk/ 19inch rack - https://www.allmetalparts.co.uk/481-19-6u-stackable-rack-gear-cabinet-400mm-5055726299905.html Links to my other videos can be found on here https://gsfsoftware.co.uk/PBTutorials/Projects.htm

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PowerBasic for Beginners

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