DaBs Matrix 19 Help - TheOath addon v2 With text edits


Streaming Matters With DaButcher
Published on February 22nd, 2021
This is a exodus base that has been converted to py 3 to work in Kodi 19. Runs great for free and Premium links. This addon is not talked about often but is a solid addon for folks that love Exodus look at feel. Thank you to the dev and his/her work on this project. If the dev is on Telegram hit me up ** The dev reached out to me to clarify that he did not use Python 2 to 3 to convert this to Py3. He Used SIX module to be negotiator for py2/3 Plus rewriting things that needed to be rewritten. Sorry for misrepresenting it as a convert tool project. ** Links REpo https://host505.github.io/ Dabs Tg room https://t.me/joinchat/BPx7C0jpSBhlyuCdLTReoQ

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Streaming Matters With DaButcher

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